Hi, I’m everyone’s favourite scamp, Aaron Binder.  I once grew up in a small town called Kingsville until I didn’t anymore.  These days I spend most of time in Toronto and some of it elsewhere.  While growing up I developed the ability to listen to a song and say whether it sucked or not but that’s subjective so later on I developed, what many people call, hard skills.  Since then I’ve been called a social media kingpin, strategist, manager of ideas and strange.  I can vouch for all these and more including a keen-eye, ‘soft skills’, connecting people and working really really reaaally hard on the projects I’m passionate about.

If you’ve got a truly cool project, reach out.

The world’s first and finest prank making fun of lifestyle-based water.  Featured in Scientific American, Men’s Health, Daily Kos and Angry Chef, among others.  


What happens when 10,000 people join a political party during their leadership race?  We found out.  Featured in multiple national level media outlets and Loreen Harper’s I’ve never heard of them either Tweet.


One of Canada’s favourite tour companies.  Featured globally, loved everywhere, still improving.  Locations at the Distillery District, Hardwood Ski & Bike and Ontario Place.  I do the fun stuff.